Patience? Oh, Please! ~~

Patience? Oh, Please!  ~~

I have always had a wild impatient streak. I have a tendency to jump into things very capriciously (remember that time I got married? Ha!) I just get so excited about something and I want it RIGHT NOW, no questions asked. This has gotten me into lots of trouble. ;o)

I had an amazing conversation with my mom the other day. She taught me that patience is not about having to wait for what you want, patience is about nourishment. It is taking what you want and giving it what it needs to grow, to be strong and healthy. When I have a fabulous idea, if I rush forward without giving it the research it needs, it’s not nearly as helpful if I were to first nourish and grow the idea.

Luckily, when I made the decision to become a health coach, it was a very positive outcome to my capriciousness! I have, however, gotten myself into trouble not being able to decide on which direction to take my business. After jumping from one focus to another, I have finally reached clarity!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be empowering women to love their bodies and manifest a driving passion for life. Exploring what it means to own your sexual power has been a blast. Feeling sexy in your skin is just one facet of loving your body and manifesting passion. It’s so important that as we go through this process together, we nourish the process as well as ourselves.

I encourage everyone to take a moment today to nourish your body. Whether that is indulging in a dark chocolate bar or reminding yourself that, deep down inside, you are one hot little number ready for the stage!

I''d love to hear about what you decided to do for yourself today. Please leave your comments below! I will be back next week with my final hot tip on owning your sexual power!

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